Engineering and Tooling

ACRO is able to use following engineering programs:
AutoCAD systems, Pro-E, Solidworks, UG systems, etc...

Convert the original drawing and doc into our own drawing & doc. Take all data into our records & release the drawing and doc to every involved Dept.

Record all of the data from sample. According to customer requirements, build new drawings for customer approval.

All engineers in ACRO are graduated from university, and major in professional course during their education & career. ACRO also hires senior engineers and technicians who have an average more than 8 years of experience.

Meanwhile, ACRO keep in touch with customers to get their technical support. Also we reach the technical cooperation with local university & scientific research companies.

ACRO can design all tools for our products line and also has an experienced tools-making team.

ACRO have CNC center, CNC lathe and advanced tooling-making equipments. Our plant has a number of highly qualified technical personnel who assure our tools making capacity and determine proper staffing and skill levels for operation as well as maintenance in daily production.