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Galvanized End Cap For The Garage Door

Galvanized End Cap For The Garage Door

Customized product for the garage industry.
Galvanized stamping parts with PVC board assembled in.
The dimension (L*W*T) is 530mm*143mm*1.5mm.
It is made by 160 ton stamping machine, with pregressive die.
Two PVC boards are stickered to the galvanized part surface.
The PVC board is out-sourced, meeting the customer application purpose.
ACRO is responsible for managing the supplier.
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ACRO Metal Products Ltd.

Founded in 2003, ACRO Custom Galvanized End Cap For The Garage Door-Stamping Parts Suppliers,has successfully served more than 100 well-known enterprises in various industries at home and abroad, and fully supports their quality requirements and innovation. 50% products serve the automobile industry, 50% serve civil machinery and other industries. In terms of sale regions, more than 60% products are exported to North America, Europe and other overseas markets.

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We constructs the modern and garden-style plant buildings.
Provide our employees with a healthy and comfortable working environment and considerate humanistic care.
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In quality system, ACRO has Lloyd's ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001:2000 and IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015 quality system certifications.  
In technology, with constantly improving in technology, ACRO owns the patent certifications for machines.

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Galvanized End Cap For The Garage Door

A galvanized end cap for a garage door is a protective cover that is used to cover the end of the garage door track. It is typically made of galvanized steel, a material that has been coated with a layer of zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion. The end cap is designed to fit over the end of the track and protect it from dust, debris, and other contaminants that can accumulate in the track over time.The end cap is used to keep the track clean, which can help to improve the overall performance and longevity of the garage door. It is typically installed by sliding it over the end of the track and securing it in place with screws or other fasteners.

A galvanized end cap for a garage door is a small, metal cap that is placed on the end of a garage door track to cover and protect the end of the track from dust, debris, and other contaminants. The end cap also helps to keep the door rollers on the track, and prevent them from coming off.These end caps are typically made of galvanized steel, which is a process of coating steel or iron with zinc to provide a protective barrier against rust and corrosion. The galvanized coating can provide extra durability and longevity for the end cap.To install a galvanized end cap on a garage door, the first step is to measure the size of the end of the track to ensure that the end cap will fit properly. The end cap is then placed over the end of the track and secured in place with screws or other fasteners.

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